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After evaluating for more than two years to export bulk-water by converted ex-VLCC oil tankers, we encountered two considerable downsides.



1)    The prices per M3 at destinations are not competitive.

(Water is labeled as an economic commodity with a cost-benefit scrutiny; but  the  urgency is remembered when its price is forgotten).


2)  The growing opposition of the large CO2 footprint for exporting mineral water by old polluting ex-oiltankers


*Note: We are evaluating in the future to export bulk water by tankers powered by: Hydrogen  (or LNG).


Therefore we came to an alternative business model by an urgent need for water in the USA; transporting water and by a submarine pipe-line to America.    


Project’s name: GreenBlue


Our submarine pipe-line will be laid with negligible effect on the  environment.

 The founder has registered a new concept of submarine pipe-line as its Intellectual Property.  


LWG  is obliged to work with a high standard operational integrity.

The goal is to export water 24/7 through a submarine-tube line.

 The electric power for the pressure pumps etc. will be generated by hydro-turbines as a sustainable operation and the kinetic water is captured for export.


                                                          It is always impossible until someone does it   B. Waine