LoveWater Greenland ApS has the potential to become the world´s largest clean drinking water supplier!


LWG’s unique goal is to provide affordable freshwater to areas with water shortages, with poor water quality, and unaffordable prices, based upon tailor-made supply solutions with regard to aquifer recharge injections, agricultural/recreation purposes, industrial applications, including green hydrogen production, and bottling.

The fjords surrounding our four licensed extraction locations provide access to the mouths of the melting water rivers, which allow LWG to build inlets and pipeline infrastructures, connected to the loading facilities, where any receiving vessel will dock for loading of up to 160.000 m³.

At Greenland’s most prestigious extraction location L-01, granted to LWG for 30 years exclusively, 13.000.000 m³ of the world’s best drinking water is pouring out to seas every day.

Foto Unsplashed © Visit Greenland

Our utmost gratitude to the people of Greenland for sharing their abundance of high quality drinking water with the world via LWG.

Vision: Watering the future.

Mission: Transporting IMEQ globally for ecological transformation.

Accomplished in 2019:

Legislation for ice water exports put in place by the Greenland government.

The Greenland Tender Committee awarded three out of five exploration licenses, known as L-01, L-02 and L-03 to LWG`s Dutch founder Mr. Hubert  H. Jacobus.


In 2021

The Greenland Tender Committee added Glacier L-07  to LWG`s license portfolio in May 2021. making LWG the island`s largest license holder.



The company´s name

An Inuit hand-tapped a bottle from a glacier and presented it to a Tibetan monk, referring to it as “Love-Water.”

This act symbolizes the importance of appreciating and being aware of water as a unique element, which we all require daily. Love, according to the Inuit, is the highest form of intelligence.

Water is a life form, and humans consist of over 70% water.
This is why Hubert H. Jacobus named his company “LoveWater Greenland.”