Lovewater Greenland IVS is a bulk mineral water exporter

through a pipeline and shipping.





We often lose sight… that  water has a central role in our daily life.

Greenland’s Ice Cap is daily melting billions liters of fresh water into the ocean.

This Ice Cap is the biggest sweet water reservoir in the Northern Hemisphere. If completely melted the sea-level will raise with 4+ meters. LoveWater Greenland IVS (“LWG”) is placing this melting ice-water into the economy.

LWG is a water and hydrogen export company which has been granted licenses to collect and to export melting ice-water. 

Thus, we are collecting this fresh quality water for export (Greenland’s legislation for exporting ice-water has passed in Jan. 2018).  

 We are collecting the water at the South West of Greenland because shipping has the minimum hinder of icebergs. (Please read the Transition of our business model.

splashing water

Our utmost gratitude to the people of Greenland for sharing their abundance of their high quality mineral water with a thirsty and drying world….


After evaluating for more than two years to export bulk-water by converted ex-VLCC oil tankers, we encountered two considerable downsides.


 1)    The prices per M3 at destinations are not competitive.

       (Water is labeled as an economic commodity with a cost-benefit scrutiny

         but  the  urgency is remembered whereas its price is forgotten).

2)  The growing opposition of the large CO2 footprint for exporting mineral water by old polluting 

        used oil-tankers.

*Note: We are evaluating in the future to export bulk water by tankers powered by: Hydrogen  (or LNG).

Therefore we came to an alternative business model by an urgent need for water in the USA; transporting water by a submarine pipe-line to America.    


Project’s name: GreenBlue


Our submarine pipe-line will be laid with negligible effect on the  environment.

The founder has registered a new concept of submarine pipeline as his Intellectual Property. 


LWG  is obliged to work with a high standard operational integrity.

The goal is to export water 24/7 through a submarine-tube line.

The electric power for the pressure pumps etc. will be generated by hydro-turbines as a sustainable operation; the kinetic water is captured for export.


                                                                                                                              It is always impossible until someone does it……B. Waine

Mission: Watering the future.....

iceberg evening

 Accomplished in 2019:


Lovewater Greenland IVS  is excited to announce it has been granted the licenses to export ice and water out of the Glaciers known as L-01L-02 and L-03 of the five locations in the tender.


The grant of these license is a result of a lengthy process. The management of LoveWater Greenland IVS has visited the locations, by helicopter, for selecting the most economical sites allowing a bulk water tanker to load during the entire year with no hinder of icebergs. (The business-model to transport water by VLCC  has been cancelled; as for now. (See Transition)N

 In 2021:


License of L -07, the largest Glacier of Greenland at Narsaq: May 2021

Together with L-01 and L-02 at Paaimut,  LWG has the  licenses of the three largest Glaciers of Greenland for its water export by pipe-line, and the production of hydrogen by hydro-power. 

About us

A Greenland Inuit hand-tapped a bottle from a glacier and presented to the Dalai Lama and he has called it:



“To love water as an appreciation and the awareness of this unique element we daily need


Love is a form of High Intelligence….


Water is a Life Form….


Therefore the company’s name resulted in “LoveWater Greenland” (“LWG”).


Founder´s background

*Hubert  H. Jacobus  (Dutch) CEO :  ex jet-pilot for  18 years with a diploma in business economics. With second                                        careers as aircraft broker and a micro investor in farmland.




Our story starts in 2005 by an overflight over Greenland


Hubert has requested the Greenland Gov. in 2006 for the export of glacier bulk water out of Greenland. Legislation was passed in January 2018 for water export.  

Through a tender, four licenses (L -01,-02, -03) were granted in November 2019 and location (L -07) in May 2021.

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