Lovewater – Glacier Water

Greenland’s Gift for a better world

Water plays a central role in our daily life !

Greenland’s Ice Cap is melting every day billions liters of potable water into the sea.

Greenland’s Ice Cap is the biggest sweet water reservoir in the Northern Hemisphere.

Hence Greenland is now collecting this sweet water for export (The legislation for export has passed in 2018).

Collected ice water at the South West of Greenland is of high quality, the South West has limited icebergs, ships have through the whole year access to in-take the melted ice water.

LoveWater IVS is a water export company which has been granted licenses to collect and export this water.

Water quality assessments have been undertaken by the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS) adhering to the highest international standards. GEUS is the National Data Centre for water quality information for all of Denmark’s more than 280,000 drinking water wells and has carried out extensive geoscientific fieldwork in Greenland since 1946.

Our Mission is to serve the North- and South Hemisphere with potable water. We have in-house expertise to ship (SuezMax/VLCC) bulkwater to countries that are short in supply of potable water, as well to industries (beverage & industrial).

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the people of Greenland to share their abundance of water with the rest of the world.