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In 2019:


Lovewater Greenland IVS  is excited to announce it has been granted the licenses to export ice and water out of the Glaciers known as L-01, L-02 and L-03 of the five locations in the tender.


The grant of these license is a result of a lengthy process. The management of LoveWater Greenland IVS has visited the locations, by helicopter, for selecting the most economical sites allowing a bulk water tanker to load during the entire year with no hinder of icebergs. (The business-model to transport water by VLCC  has been cancelled; as for now. (See Transition)


In 2021:

License of L -07, the largest Glacier of Greenland at Narsaq: May 2021

Together with L-01 and L-02 at Paaimut,  LWG has the  licenses of the three largest Glaciers of Greenland for its water export by pipe-line, and the production of hydrogen by hydro-power.