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Our utmost gratitude to the people of Greenland for sharing their abundance of their high quality mineral water with a thirsty and drying world….



We often lose sight…That  water has a central role in our daily life.


Greenland’s  Ice Cap is daily melting billions liters of fresh water into the ocean.

This Ice Cap is the biggest potable water reservoir in the Northern Hemisphere. If completely melted the sea-level will raise with 4+ meters. LoveWater Greenland IVS (“LWG”) is placing this melting ice-water into the economy.

LWG is a water and hydrogen export company which has been granted licenses to collect and to export melting ice-water. 

Thus, we are collecting this fresh quality water for export (Greenland’s legislation for exporting ice-water has passed in Jan. 2019).  

 We are collecting the water at the South West of Greenland because shipping has the minimum hinder of icebergs. (Please read the Transition of our business model)